Finding community and connection

Toronto’s Jaime Leverton seeks small-town vibes in the city.

The words “community” and “connection” come up a fair bit when you chat with Jaime Leverton, a senior Toronto tech executive for a global provider of data center services. “I’m inspired to do the best possible work that I can by the people I work with, the people I work for, the customers I support,” she says. “For the last 10 years I have focussed on being part of Canadian companies so there’s always a little bit of national pride too. The work I’m doing isn’t just good for the people directly involved but also for our country and the industry and our community.” She adds that for her, building relationships, a lack of ego and being down-to-earth are key. “Great company and good conversation are so important. That’s when you have highly engaged conversations, you get inspired, you feel the most connected and you learn the most.”

That sense of connection applies to her downtime too. When Jaime, her husband and their two daughters, ages 8 and 10, have a free weekend afternoon they stroll down the boardwalk from their home in The Beaches neighbourhood, play in the parks, watch the waves on Lake Ontario and get a bite to eat. One of their favourite restaurants is up-and-coming Lake Inez in nearby Little India, which serves up Asian fusion fare. “It has a Filipino influence so you get some really incredible flavour combinations that are very unique. There’s a fish curry that’s exceptional, and my husband’s favourite is the Japanese devilled eggs. They mix up the menu a lot,” she says.

When it comes to travel, Jaime takes 50 to 60 business trips annually. She admits it can be a bit of a challenge at times. “Travelling alone, I’m not comfortable eating at restaurant by myself. Nine times out of ten I end up ordering room service,” she says. Vacation travel, on the other hand, means destinations like Europe (“I love seeing things through my girls’ fresh eyes,”) and the much-loved family cottage in Prince Edward County on the north shore of Lake Ontario, the area where Jaime grew up. In addition to plenty of family beach time, the newly booming county now also offers wineries and microbreweries, a thriving art scene and incredible restaurants and inns, says Jaime—and yes, there’s that sense of community and connection again.

Jaime Leverton, Chief Commercial Officer, SVP at eStruxture Data Centers, from Toronto.