Introducing OUR PICKS

Restaurant reviews from a woman’s point of view

It’s easy to scroll through your phone and find restaurant reviews that talk about the food or the wine list. What you rarely see—or in fact never see—is a restaurant review that includes its service level for women. Are you automatically seated at an inferior table when it’s apparent you are on your own or with another woman, or does the host ask you where you’d feel comfortable sitting? Does the wait staff notice or assist if you’re being hassled by another diner who won’t take no for an answer? Is the restaurant located in a well-travelled neighbourhood or accessed through a poorly lit doorway? These are the kinds of things a woman wants to know, and needs to know, yet it’s almost impossible to find the information from a trusted source.

And this is why Wengage is introducing OUR PICKS: recognizing businesses and venues that consider their service to women to be an essential part of their professional standards. The Wengage symbol   recognizes businesses that deliver (for example in dining) an exceptional dining experience for women, whether you’re on your own or with another woman – based solely on recommendations and reviews from Wengage users.

“While Wengage is recognizing optimal service standards for women, I look forward to the day that this is simply the way it is,” says Sandra Pellegrini, Wengage founder and CEO.

We are excited to invite you to be a part of the OUR PICKS community, and encourage you to share your recommendations with other women who care about safety and level of service as you do. No recommendation is better than one from someone who knows and understands your needs.

Included on the app is a profile page of each restaurant, lounge or other venue and a review section that offers a ranking from 1 to 5 stars, plus an area for comments. Your rating is only about the service you receive at a particular venue when you dine (or go to a lounge, piano bar, etc.) on your own or with another woman. Before deciding on a particular venue, you can quickly and easily check current reviews from like-minded women — should I walk or take a taxi? Can I look forward to exceptional service?

It’s about women helping other women be forearmed with the information they need to decide which restaurant will get their business—and it’s about positive change.

Want to know more? Click here to read more details to keep in mind as you evaluate your dining experience. Now that’s food for thought!