Our Picks

Wengage is pleased to recognize a unique service standard provided for women. OUR PICKS identifies the list of businesses and venues that consider their service to women to be an integral component of their professional standards.

We consider OUR PICKS an important feature of Wengagerecognizing a level of respect, understanding and service for women – vetted by women – based solely on the recommendations and reviews from Wengage users.

Reviews for a restaurant’s wine list or menu are available from many sources. Service level for female customers? Non-existent, or anecdotal at best. OUR PICKS is a Wengage community standard for women at the highest level.

The Wengage symbol  recognizes businesses that best demonstrate what women expect to receive and enjoy from a dining experience, whether on their own or with other women. An example of what may be considered for a dining experience would be:

  • The service level is excellent, whether she is there as a single patron and/or, she is accompanied by another woman.
  • There is an understanding of the sensitivity of a woman dining alone; for example, she is never seated by a table of men – ever.
  • Certain courtesies are extended as a matter of course, such as:

    • Where would you like to sit? Do you prefer a quiet or middle table?
    • How is your timing? Do you have time to relax or do you have another commitment?
    • Have you arranged a ride home? Would you like someone to accompany you to your vehicle? Are you familiar with the city?
  • The ambiance of the restaurant is appropriate for a woman who is dining alone; that is, not romantic or intimate, or a place to be “picked up”.

Our goals are to:

  • first and foremost, provide women with important information,
  • provide a way for women to help each other with a dynamic system that is as current as the last review,
  • prompt a sense of community for women with the same intention and motivation,
  • recognize the establishments that “get it”, and
  • see positive change.

Your Review = Trusted, Authentic Information

No recommendation about a venue’s service could be better than one received from someone you trust, and, from another woman who is looking for the same.

Our app includes a review section – 1 to 5 stars and an area for your comments. The rating is to be only about the service you receive when you dine on your own or with other women. Please reserve your star rating for the service level only.

What does 5-star service look like? During the dining experience, be aware of the following:

  • Do you notice a shift in attitude and/or service when you reveal that you are there on your own?
  • Are you asked for seating preference, or are you ushered to a table without choice? If so, was the table acceptable to you and available in a comfortable location?
  • Are other clientele respectful; no rude comments or “come on’s”?
  • Is the wait time reasonable for seating and food service?
  • Are the servers sensitive/attentive to your needs as a solo, female diner?
  • Is the restaurant in an open, well-travelled and comfortable location?
  • If you were to ask the Maître D to arrange for a taxi, what is the response?
  • Would you would recommend the venue to another woman?
  • And, would you go back?

At launch ….

The current star rating for restaurants has been taken from current industry standards in order to provide a reference point we all understand (food, wine, general ambiance and service). Going forward, the rating system will integrate your review of the venue based on the criteria mentioned above.

If you already know …. of a venue that you’d like to recommend, please let us know at our.picks@wengageapp.com.

If you have joined our early access launch, use Wengage to complete a review on the venue’s profile. We would love to hear about your recommendations.

You must not be affiliated, in any way, with your recommended venue.

If you are a venue that would like to be recognized as one of OUR PICKS, please contact us by writing to our.picks@wengageapp.com