The Inspiration Behind Wengage

Just about every woman has experienced it: being in a moment when you wish you had some company because there was something to see or do, and you didn’t want to go on your own. I was in that moment when I thought, “Surely there is a solution for this.”

The idea for Wengage came when I was alone one evening in Whitehorse, Yukon. Knowing there were many European tourists in town, and having spent a year in Milan years earlier, I thought, “How great would it be to meet someone from Italy or Europe over dinner.”

Instead, I ended up at a sports restaurant watching a Jays game on my own because I had no way to find the company I was looking for . It was fine, but on the way back to the lake, I wondered how many others, at the very same moment in time, were also looking for company. I thought of the many times in my life — on a business trip, while travelling or at home —when I found myself on my own and missed the chance to go out, or embrace all there was to see, or share the joy of a great moment with another person.

When I started to share my idea for an app that would connect women to share an experience, I most often couldn’t finish a sentence. There was an immediate connection and women would say, “I know exactly what you mean,” or “This is me. I want your app!” I could fill pages with all of the moments described by women of all ages and from all walks of life. I discovered that like me, many women want to embrace life’s experiences and share those moments with others.

And then I realized how strong a tool this could be for women; offering authentic and trustworthy information, vetted by women for women, with a woman’s experience in mind. When I looked at the data, and I saw the number of women who are standing tall in their careers and their lives and embracing life like never before, I couldn’t sleep. I envisioned a dynamic, powerful and energized network of women spreading right around the world, formed from the single moment in time when two or more women are looking for some company. Wengage is Women. Connecting. With each other. With all life has to offer.

Welcome to Wengage.

Sandra Pellegrini, Founder and CEO