Uncovering Hidden Travel Gems

As a passionate traveler and Marketing Associate at Wengage, Nikki Swerhun believes in the power of new experiences found through connections with likeminded women

“I love to travel, to experience new things,” says Nikki Swerhun, who moved to Toronto from Whitehorse last year. “It’s wonderful to go to another country that I’ve never visited before. This spring we went to Japan for the first time. It was amazing. I was blown away by the customs, the food, just how beautiful it was.”

Since Nikki’s husband is an Air Canada pilot, they often have the opportunity to travel, taking four major trips a year. Her favourite to date? “That’s tough,” she says, pondering a few moments. “For eating and drinking wine, it would have to be Paris. And if it’s being outdoorsy and adventurous, I love Maui.”

With all the travel under her belt, Nikki makes good company indeed. If she meets a friend or new acquaintance for a meal or drink, she values someone with similar interests, who can help guide her to fresh experiences in her new city.

“I love learning what they like and what they don’t,” she explains. “What are their recommendations for sushi places, coffee shops or fitness classes? What have they done that is interesting? I want to find those hidden gems.”

“I sometimes travel on my own,” says Nikki. “I like going at my own pace, seeing what I want, eating what I want. But I miss having someone to share the experiences with. It’s great to be able to make a connection with someone I can talk to about my trip and perhaps get some recommendations for other experiences.”

For her next big trip, Nikki and her husband are considering Greece, Spain, Australia, Singapore and other bucket list destinations.

“The world is so big and beautiful, I want to see it all,” she says, and adds with a laugh, “But I’m not sure if I have that much time or money.”

Nikki Swerhun, Toronto, Ontario