With Wengage, you’ve got company.

Wengage is a free app, exclusively for women, who choose to embrace life’s experiences and opportunities with company – rather than go alone or miss out. We heard, from so many women, how many times they’ve wanted to go out or engage in an activity (maybe while on a business trip, or at home when their usual network just isn’t available) but a lack of company stopped them. With Wengage you can easily meet up with a woman who shares your interests and wants to do the same thing in that very moment that you do.

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Connect for company

With the app, you can immediately see if another woman in your area wants to take in tonight’s ballgame, meet at an art exhibit in an hour or go for a run along the waterfront. No unanswered texts, or questioning whether or not the other woman is there to see your invitation to chat – because like you, the women whose profiles are visible on the app are also looking for company at the same time.

Your control is important to us. When you wish to look for company, simply activate your profile by tapping once on your profile pic. In the meantime, you can still search for information about current events, specific venues, influencer recommendations or current articles of interest while not showing up as active.

Whether you’re unsure about navigating a city by yourself or just find it more interesting to share an experience, Wengage empowers you to make an in-the-moment connection for company. If you have any more questions, please refer to our FAQs?

Reviews you can trust

At Wengage, we’re serious about being safe and comfortable. We’re serious about the authenticity of information, especially when it is information we rely on. When you see a restaurant or attraction review, it’s written from a woman’s point of view. Do you want to know if a venue is safely walkable, or if a restaurant fills up with romantic couples every weekend? So do we.

Information You Want

The Wengage app is designed to use your profile preferences to deliver personalized options that align with your interests. It also delivers rich, useful blog posts and articles that celebrate women who embrace life and who share their experience and insights.

Wengage gives you tools to help you get the most from a day. No missing out, no regrets, no need to stay in when you’d rather go out, no need to pass on business trips because they can mean so much alone time. With the knowledge that you can access needed information and company, your day is yours to plan. If you have any more questions, please refer to our FAQs?